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We met through mutual friends. One led to another and soon we met almost every day. In fact, 22 years, n” Sonakshi was not in marriage after the defeat in Bollywood. Sonakshi was with the condition continues for at least six years running interest, while the willingness 32nd Aditya age of marriage and can not wait. Sonakshi Sinha who knows a Dabangg success “in these days it’s not about his old flame Aditya Shroff worries employed in the production of a new relationship.

Megha Gupta of Fame Bida is the would-be spouse of the owner of the famous film. Famosa Veteran Player Shatrughan Sinha in Bollywood. What we like Aditya, is that he elected not to fear what he has attracted Megha. Megha is very, very attractive girl, instead candidly.Commenting said Sonakshi, Aditya, I joked Sonakshi forgot. These times are over. As a friend of Aditya said Sonakshi acted strangely after programming Dabangg outside. He stopped communicating with each family Shroff, the house was repeated almost every day. Another source said Aditya who is 32, while Sonakshi is 22 Sonakshi Wanted Aditya is very keen that he married soon, but was later a champion Bollywood have at least six years a status.