talk like a pirate day 183x300 Talk Like A Pirate Day, Application for the Apple iPhone

“Talk Like A Pirate Day”, Application for the Apple iPhone. Today is September 19, 2010, which means that it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. What this means is that all of us should talk like a pirate for the day; you may wonder why we would cover such a story? The answer is simple; we have located a “Talk Like a Pirate” app for the Apple iPhone.
Before we take a look at the app with feel that it is our duty to ask you to answer most phone calls today with “Ahoy, matey!” More on the day itself can be found over on Wikipedia, or get into the spirit by visiting the official Talk Like a Pirate website.

The app has been around since 2009 and costs just 99 cents. The application is simple; just say something and you will hear what it is like when spoken like a true pirate. This all sounds fun at first – but I am certain that it will get very tiresome.

There are a number of cool features to the app, one is that you can send a recording of your pirate voice to a friend, and if for some reason you run out of things to say – then the 180 terms that come pre-loaded will be at your disposal.