Watch Robot Movie Online Hindi Endhiran Review endhiran movie review, robo movie review, khichdi movie review, enthiran movie review, endhiran review, Endhiran, from the very first day itself is all set to burn the screen as the critics have given thumbs up to the movie and even called it the daddy of entertainer and is worth the hype that it received during the last months. Well, a new disease is likely expected to hit all fans of Rajini which is literally-‘Endhiromania’.

The Rajini mania which has already struck a major proportion of fans of Rajini could be made out from the fact that the movie’s first show opened at 4 am to a packed house and viewers enjoyed every bit of the Rajini movie.

Film reviewer and critic, Nikhat Kazmi told the media that movie is going to break all records set by any movie in the Indian cinema as the movie is combination of the styles of all superhero -Terminator, Matrix, Godzilla and the critic even challenged that the viewers will fall off the chair with glee as the Rajini style is going to set the screen on fire in a crazy way.

The special effect of the movie is extraordinary and is likely to set examples for all the Hollywood movies including Spiderman and batman. Moreover, Critics also told that besides special effect, the movie had a plot too which has a meaning and message.

In nut shell, movie is all about the man-machine war through interesting twists and turns and creates a lively love triangle between scientist Rajinikanth, medico student, Aishwarya Rai and robot Rajinikanth.

Endhiran has received a mega launch as the movie has hit 2250 prints, 3000 screens worldwide, 1400 screens in Tamil Nadu alone including 48 out of 52 screens in Chennai.

Well from this, it is clear that if you miss the movie, it will your loss.